Ensure Your Patients
Receive AREXVY

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Help appropriate patients understand their risk based on age and underlying condition. Provide helpful tools such as patient education materials and vaccine appointment information.

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Discuss vaccination with AREXVY for appropriate patients.

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Establish a plan with your patient to receive AREXVY in the office or at their local pharmacy. Talk to your patients about AREXVY when discussing seasonal influenza vaccination and have your staff help patients schedule their vaccine appointments.

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Document your recommendation for AREXVY and follow up with your patient at their next visit to ensure they received their vaccine.

Patient Counseling Information

Male AREXVY patient
Male AREXVY patient
  • Inform vaccine recipients of the potential benefits and risks of vaccination with AREXVY
  • Inform vaccine recipients about the potential for adverse reactions that have been observed following administration of AREXVY
  • Provide the Vaccine Information Statements, which are available free of charge on the CDC website


Downloadable Guides

For pharmacy personnel