Ensure Your Patients
Receive AREXVY

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Identify appropriate patients and discuss the risk of severe RSV based on age and certain underlying conditions.

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Review the benefits and risks of AREXVY and strongly recommend vaccination for appropriate patients based on their medical history.

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Address patients’ questions about cost—AREXVY is covered for most patients aged 60 years and older.1,2 Contact your GSK representative with specific coverage questions.

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Establish a plan that works for your patients to ensure they receive AREXVY at their local pharmacy or in office. If referring to the pharmacy, follow up to make sure they have been vaccinated.

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The CDC recommends that adults 60 years of age and older may receive a single dose of RSV vaccine using shared clinical decision-making3,4

It's important to continue the conversation about protection against RSV-LRTD with your unvaccinated patients.

  • Older adults, including those with certain comorbidities, are at high risk for severe RSV disease5

Vaccinating with AREXVY is a conversation worth having.

Patient Counseling Information

Male AREXVY patient
Male AREXVY patient
  • Inform vaccine recipients of the potential benefits and risks of vaccination with AREXVY
  • Inform vaccine recipients about the potential for adverse reactions that have been observed following administration of AREXVY
  • Provide the Vaccine Information Statements, which are available free of charge on the CDC website


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